Panasonic EW1211 Rechargeable Oral Irrigator

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Panasonic EW1211 Rechargeable Oral Irrigator Over 25% Off!


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RRP £70.00 £49.99

Price includes Free UK Delivery

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Key features

  • Water Tank in The Palm of your Hand - The ergonomically formed handle, also serving as an easy-to-fill water tank, is practical. It means you always have everything under control and save space in your bathroom.
  • Everything in its Place, Thanks to The Nozzle Holder - If you share your EW1211 with a partner, you'll love the nozzle holder. Simply keep your nozzles in the holders provided. They'll always be to hand
  • Spare Nozzles for EW1211 - Two nozzle attachments are supplied with the EW1211. You can buy spare nozzles in a twin pack, including four rings in different colours. These are suitable if more than one person is using the oral irrigator.
  • Cleaning Made Simple - Simply clean your EW1211 under the faucet. It's completely washable, making cleaning easy. You don't have to worry about either calcium deposits or food residues.
  • Hygienic Water Tank - The EW1211's water tank is completely removable. This means you can quite simply rinse it out with warm water and a gentle detergent – there's nothing to it.
  • Safe and Secure Thanks to Non-Contact Charging Station - Of course, they've also made sure that the EW1211's charging station is safe and easy to clean. This is made simpler by the fact that it's completely non-contact. This safely prevents damage from water and spray.
  • Three level water jet intensity
  • 130ml tank lasts around 35 seconds
  • Box contains: Oral irrigator fitted with a UK 2 pin plug, 2 x nozzle with identification ring


The DentaCare oral irrigator EW1211 is the compact complement to your oral hygiene regime. Its water jet loosens food residues from areas where even the best toothbrush can't reach and its gentle, massaging pressure promotes blood flow in the gums. A second pump provides the option of choosing between a powerful water jet and an air-water mixture for massaging. Stubborn food residues in the spaces between your teeth. That unclean feeling in your mouth. Does that sound familiar? Then the oral irrigator EW1211 is just what you need.

It cleans the places your toothbrush can't reach. You'll be amazed what shows up, even after a thorough brushing. With a noticeably thorough water jet, the device removes food particles from between the teeth. This makes it suitable for looking after bridges, fixed braces and dentures. In addition to cleaning your teeth thoroughly, it also gently massages and cares for your gums.

The EW1211 achieves its cleaning effect by means of a second pump, which enriches the water with extra oxygen. It features the option of choosing between a powerful water jet and a gentle air-water mixture for massaging. Another highlight of the EW1211 is its water tank. This is integrated into the compact housing to make efficient use of the space. It means that it hardly takes up any space in your bathroom.

Panasonic DentaCare is child's play to use, while remaining compact and space-saving. Just fill it with water and get started. Always use your oral irrigator after brushing your teeth. You'll be delighted by the fresh and clean feeling.

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