Panasonic EW1270 Battery Portable Oral Irrigator

a Panasonic Irrigator


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Key features

  • Ultra compact water irrigator
  • 1,600 pulses per minute
  • Built in water tank
  • Cleans debris between teeth
  • Massages gum lines
  • Battery operated


Panasonics EW1270 small, handy, oral irrigator is ideal for both home and travel use. It is easy to use, just add water and simply pour out the remaining water after cleaning. <br><br>Brushing alone is usually not enough and so Panasonics ultra compact oral irrigator is an easy, effective way of cleaning plaque from the gum margin and the gaps between your teeth, rinsing the mouth clean. The oral irrigators angled nozzles allow you to access all areas of the mouth, even where the toothbrush cannot reach. You will be surprised with the results. <br><br>The oral irrigator is 15cm long when packed and weights 345g (including batteries 2 x AA LR6 1.5v batteries are included in pack). When in use it extends to 22.5cm in length. It has a 165ml tank volume for use with water only as it is not suitable for adding mouthwash.<br><br>With a Panasonic oral irrigator you can optimize the care and health of both your teeth and gums by thoroughly cleaning plaque and food particles from between the teeth and massaging the gums. In addition, the build up of plaque contributes to dental cavities, bad breath and gum disease and so by using an oral irrigator these effects can be significantly reduced.

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